Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Why I don't give a rats ass about you"

Ok, let's get some things straight.

You're nice enough. I'm sure you have lots of friends on here. You probably even have some pretty decent friends IRL. We've had our laughs and we've had our tears, but odds are, I only remember most of you because of your signature picture.


It's nothing personal, its just that for 95% of the nest population, I talk with you once a day. I laugh when you post a stupid picture of your kid/dog/husband. I take advantage of a great deal you link me to. I might even vote for someone you are whoring around on BOTB.

For the other 5%, we talk more than once a day. You are my friend on facebook. Some of you even have my cell number and I have yours. Why? Because you get it.

You've been there and you've done that. You laughed at people who buy the t-shirt because you know that getting "it" is so much more than the # of months you've been ttc. It's more than the label given to you by your Gyn because you're still not ku after 6 months. It's more than trying preseed, propping yourself with a sturdy towel and eating more pineapple than Don fucking Ho. (Side note, did you know Bette Midler is Hawaiian? Interesting).

So unless you really get why it's funny that a gyno gives you clomid before even doing an HSG or a SA, you don't understand. If you just show up on my doorstep and tell me how nervous you are because you are on month 11 and 2 days away from testing (but man, you feel SOOOOO sick to your stomach!!!) I'll laugh at you in the face.

I wouldn't storm into your house, demanding that you hug me and listen to me whine about my life. I wouldn't sit down at a table of you and your closest friends and demand that you all get excited about the fact that I finally ovulated. I wouldn't expect you to feel truly sorry about the fact that it's been 3 years and I'm still not pregnant. Why? Because you don't know me and I don't know you.

If you want support, introduce yourself. Get to know me. Get to know my friends.

If you want support, give support when I really need it the most.

If you want support because it's Tuesday and you've had a bad day? Get a fucking bra and leave me the hell alone.