Thursday, November 26, 2009

Keeping my siggy

Ok, lets get things straight off the bat. Cancer, disease, death, injury, illness---always very tragic. Any of these things happening to children, even more tragic. I recognize that sadness is all around us and when tragedies happen, lives are changed and touched by tragic events.

That being said, on the bump/nest/knot/whatever, tragedies occur at least once a week. Someone is getting divorced, someone is in a car accident, someone is dx with cancer, someone loses a family member, someone suffers a miscarriage and occasionally, someone loses a child.

Sometimes the world knows about the tragedies that occur, sometimes, the world doesn't. The difference being the popularity of the nestie and/or the vocal nature of the board. I mean, person has a m/c and the board organizes a gift and feels compelled to put a memorial in their signatures. The next person has a m/c and it is glossed over with "sorry, that sucks". I mean, "Baby for bunnies" fund?

My thoughts and prayers goes out to this particular mother in this case as the death of her child was very sudden and very sad. The loss for that particular family and friends must be large and very raw right now.

So, I guess I could say that while the tragic death of Christopher was/is very sad, I will be keeping my signature exactly as it is. I guess, in a way, I'm keeping my signature in honor of all of the loved ones ill/injured/lost on the nest that have been looked over and "forgotten".

Rest in peace Christopher and may your family find comfort in this horrific time.

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  1. not that you owe ANYONE an explination or reason behind your decission, but i totally understand.

    people are going to be an asshole about it.