Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts

A) 200mg of soy and I think I cysted instead of O'ing. Fantstic. This means that this cycle could go on FOREVER.

B) My parents have not ceased to surprised me with the new and seemingly heartless comments they've made over the last 5 days.
My mom showed off pictures of my friends kids and commented to family about what adorable "pretend grandkids" she has.
My dad went to a class reunion tonight and talked about all of the awards--most successful--most grandkids--farthest travelled---most great grandkids. At this point, my mom interjected and asked "what about the award for no grandkids?"



  1. Dude. That blows. I'm sorry.

  2. Virtual throat punch to your parents for their insensitivity.